Sensor + Test Exhibition Nürnberg 2015

World’s thinnest IR Thermopile at Sensor + Test 2015

During last week JonDeTech was exhibiting the IR-Sensors JIRS3 and JIRS5 at the Sensor + Test exhibition in Nürnberg.
The response we got was very encouraging and we are truly grateful for all of you who visited our booth and inspired us by sharing your thoughts, questions and inquiries,

Thanks to all of the thoughts shared during the exhibition a number of new Projects has been initiated. Everything from how to optimize our current applications Presence, Motion, Touch, Temp and Flux to brand new application within IT, M2M and healthcare among others. All of which will be presented on the JonDeTech web site in due time.

We are looking forward to discussing, sharing ideas and support our customers and partners as going forward. Please let us know your thoughts on how the next generation IR Thermopiles can be of use in your projects here.

Last but not least, thank you all for your fruitful discussions and ideas!

JonDeTech AB is developing and manufacturing the next generation IR sensors. With a brand new architecture the sensors can be made in any form desired and measures only 0.2 mm from top to bottom. It is made out of plastic which makes it robust and can be used bare – without encapsulation and with or without optics. Standard application are “Presence detection”, “Motion detection”, “Touch button functionality”, “Contact less temperature measurement” and “Flux measurement”. The company was founded 2003 and is based in Stockholm Sweden.