JonDeTech hires High Tech entrepreneer to build engineering team

Photo: Daniel Olsén

We are glad to announce that Niklas Kvist has joined JonDeTech to build and head our team of engineers. Niklas is a perfect match of the entrepreneur and the engineer – the entrepreneer – with vast experience in creating innovative and high-performing engineering teams for high tech companies. Amongst other things he has previously built the engineering team at Neonode Technologies as VP of Engineering and was the co-founder and CTO of Wifog.

A clear understanding of IR sensors from a system perspective and the ability to build high-performingengineering teams in a global environment are some of the key qualities Niklas will contribute with to JonDeTech as the company is entering the next phase.

Niklas has a clear view of what he expects from the future sensor market and why.

“In the future, we will be able to better understand our environment and our daily life due to our ability to process and analyse larger amount of data.  However, we will need to gather an increasing amount of data to be effective both in time and resources – Sensors, enabling analogue surfaces to become digital, are the gateway to this next-level data collection.  In a near future sensors will be used in applications beyond our imagination. Though this will require small, cost effective and robust sensors which can be applied in all sorts of different places and products, something JonDeTech has already picked up on to say the least. I am very excited to be a part of the journey we are heading on” says Niklas Kvist

With the experience from managing the engineering team at Neonode Technology, Niklas is well orientated in the electrical components market.

“When I saw JonDeTech’s IR sensor I realised that this is the future of sensors. The sensor characteristics meets all the requirements and can also be produced in extreme quantities. That is the reason why I decided to invest and join the team to contribute to the success of JonDeTech.” Continues Niklas

One of Niklas key priorities is to build a strong engineering team with the width and depth to cover all the possibilities that lays ahead.

“We have so many opportunities at the moment and we need to find our strategic focus for the coming two, three years in order to build a strong product development organization. From there we will be able to grow in multiple directions in line with the opportunities. The hiring of Niklas with his vast experience from HighTech, product development and engineering will secure the best possible strategic choices says Robert Ekstrom, CEO JonDeTeach”

The focus right now is to commercialise the Flux and contactless temperature applications into sensor modules, ready for the market in Q2 next year.

“All tests we have done indicates that our systems are robust and valid. Now we have to miniaturize the applications and adapt them into commercial mass-market products.” says, Niklas Kvist

Niklas will start as Head of Engineering and Delivery, developing customer applications and build the engineering organization with full effect from the beginning of 2017.