The new generation IR-sensors

JonDeTech has, since 2008, been researching and developing the next generation IR-sensor. It is the world’s thinnest IR-sensor, based on Nano-technology and can be manufactured in a cost efficient way in enormous volumes. The sensor is made out of plastic, robust, flexible and measures temperature and heat flux with high precision and accuracy. JonDeTech’s sensor enables unique applications in the mobile industry as well as IOT- applications within Intelligent homes, connected cities, environment- and energy technology, medtech, security solutions etc.

“In a connected world, sensors are the gateway between the analogue and the digital. In the future the sensors will become a crucial part of the information gathering about our analogue world. With the right analysis, the data can contribute to increased efficiency, better health and a cleaner environment. A prerequisite is that the sensors are becoming smaller and can be produced in large volumes at low cost so they can be implemented in new environments and applications. We can see sensors in everything from disposables to mobile phones, smart homes to connected cities etc.”
– Per Lindeberg – CEO, JonDeTech Sensors AB

We turn the analogue life into a digital world!