Target markets

Target markets
In a market defined by 5G’s vast bandwidth, with AI powered IoT applications, the potential information we will be able to process will increase dramatically. In order to collect the information desired, sensors are a key component.

JonDeTech is working with energy efficiency and safety applications within the consumer electronics and IoT businesses industry. The target customers are mainly application designers requiring a very high volume, cost- and size effective solution within the areas of presence/absence, comfort temperature measurement or overheating guards.

Market potential for presence/absence applications to optimize screen time
A trend among the world’s largest consumer electronics producers is to find a solution to turn off the screen if no one is in front of it. Given that the screen consumes approximately 50% of the battery, every moment it is turned off is a victory for the sustainable society. According to Gartner the market for screen devices is a stable market with approximately 2.1 billion units produced every year for the years to come.

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