Press release
7 January, 2021

JonDeTech Sensors AB begins contract negotiations regarding a joint venture with Swiss PCB manufacturer Varioprint AG

JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) and Varioprint AG, Heiden, Switzerland, have today signed a so-called term sheet, meaning that negotiations regarding a long-term collaboration regarding the development, production and distribution of JonDeTech's sensor e...

Press release
16 October, 2020

JonDeTech has issued shares by way of set-off to pay share-based commission to underwriters in rights issue

To enable share-based commission to the underwriters in the rights issue carried out by JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" or the "Company"), the Company has issued 436,144 shares by way of a set-off issue. The set-off issue was registered with...

Press release
17 September, 2020


On 28 August 2020, JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" or "the Company") published a prospectus for the fully underwritten rights issue of 3,634,560 shares with preferential rights for the Company's existing shareholders, resolved by the extraor...

Press release
28 August, 2020


The prospectus relating to the rights issue in JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" or the "Company") of approximately a maximum of MSEK 36.3 before issue costs has today on 28 August 2020 been approved and registered by the Swedish Financial Sup...

Press release
24 July, 2020

Notice to attend an extraordinary general meeting in JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ)

An extraordinary general meeting of JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ), reg. no. 556951-8532 (the "Company") will be held on Monday, 10 August 2020. Due to the current circumstances the general meeting will be held by way of a postal voting procedure, meani...

Press release
20 July, 2020


JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) ("JonDeTech" or the "Company") announces today that the board of directors has resolved to carry out a 100% underwritten rights issue of MSEK 36.45 as well as to carry out a directed share issue of MSEK 18.45. Both share i...

Press release
14 July, 2020

JonDeTech and OFILM sign development agreement on presence detection module in laptops

This is the third project that JonDeTech and Chinese OFILM are working on together. The collaboration has already been initiated and the development agreement concerns a module to detect presence in laptops - a cornerstone in Intel's innovation progr...

Other news
6 July, 2020

Welcome Albin Gernandt

Other news
24 June, 2020

Welcome Ulrika Wennberg

Press release
29 May, 2020

JonDeTech presents at Redeye Growth Day 2020 June 2

On Tuesday, June 2, JonDeTech's CEO Per Lindeberg will present the company at Redeye Growth Day at 12:10 CET. The presentation will have a strong focus on the collaboration with OFILM and the recently announced development project on measuring body t...

Press release
25 May, 2020

JonDeTech and OFILM signs a development agreement regarding a module for measuring body temperature with a mobile phone - High interest in Asia as a result of Covid-19

This is the second project that JonDeTech and Chinese OFILM are working on together, and the development agreement concerns a module to enable measurement of body temperature using the mobile phone. The module is based on JonDeTech's calibrated senso...

Press release
20 May, 2020

JonDeTech enters strategic cooperation with Asia Perspective to enhance the penetration on the Asian market

JonDeTech has worked intensely on implementing its Go-To-Market strategy, focusing on a handful of global suppliers to the high-volume consumer electronics market. An essential aspect of gaining access to and forming strategic alliances with these co...

Press release
12 May, 2020

Katarina Bonde is proposed as new Chairman of the Board and Dave Wu as new Board Member of JonDeTech

OG Innovation AB, 559006-7483, and Mikael Lindeberg, who together own approximately 35 percent of the capital and votes in JonDeTech Sensors AB, proposes that two new members, Katarina Bonde and Dave Wu, be elected to the board to be voted at...

Press release
30 April, 2020

The Chinese investment fund Jiuyou Fund confirms investment of SEK 40 million in JonDeTech through binding agreement

As previously announced, JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) and the Chinese tech-fund Jiuyou Fund signed a term sheet regarding a directed issue of SEK 40 million with a subscription period up until April 30, 2020. Jiuyou Fund confirms now the investment th...

Press release
14 April, 2020

JonDeTech and Chinese OFILM initiate cooperation in product area biometric access control

The collaboration concerns OFILM's product within biometric access control, where JonDeTech's sensor element will be implemented to save battery life through presence detection. The product is already sold on the Chinese market by OFILM itself, and i...


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