Temp sensing

Lately there has been an interest on the market for fever thermometers in mobile phones. This could be a reality with JonDeTech’s Temp sensing sensor. The sensor enables consumer electronics companies to get a new component into products that can sense temperature on surfaces without have contact with the object. The hardware is made to fit into a mobile accessory and has a temperature range from -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.

The Temp sensing sensor is a discrete solution where the sensor element is used “bare” without encapsulation, but with an optical filter made to achieve a more accurate precision. The sensor is calibrated to measure the temperature interval 35 through 39 degrees with an accuracy down to ± 0,3 degrees Celsius – to be a reliable forehead fever thermometer.

To use an IR-sensor for temperature measuring has advantages, especially from an infection perspective, since the sensor doesn’t have to be in contact with the surface measured. The sensor measures the temperature within its field of view. Thereby the application can either measure a precise temperature in a small area – holding the sensor close to the object or measuring an average temperature in a larger space – holding the sensor on a distance from the object. The mobile accessory is a co-development project together with the Chinese company OFILM.