The Company

In a world were electricity is a scarse resource, yet battery driven products are crucial for our survival, we need to find solutions to save battery power and new sustainable ways to recharge them.

JonDeTech is a deep tech company founded in 2008 that develop products based on nanotechnology, aimed to increase energy efficiency and safety of electricity products in the society. The first product to reach the market is a new type of IR sensor element, which, by its unique configuration, can be used to optimize sensor solutions to save battery time. With the IR sensor it is possible to redefine the application design in consumer electronics products and IoT solutions to reduce costs and size of the solutions.

With our world leading nanotechnology know-how and customer understanding, we strive to exceed the current market expectations for IR sensors, allowing innovation of new applications that make the world a simpler, safer and greener place to live. With a strong R&D team our application areas reaching from existing presence/absence detection to future applications within energy harvesting derived from body heat.
We assist our customers in difficult integration environments, where there is a need for a cost- and size efficient solutions based on a thin, robust and flexible IR sensor, produced in high volumes. Target industries are consumer electronics, green technology, MedTech, smart homes and connected cities.

Our values are based on research, innovation, legacy, high technology and a socially aware approach to changing the world and making it a better place.