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Energy efficiency with presence detection - a trend Intel Athena and Google Pixle 4 are addressing

4 september, 2019

Interview with Niklas Kvist, Head of Sales and Engineering

What are you up to at JonDeTech's applications department?

We are currently working on a presence solution for the consumer electronics market, where our sensor element can be a crucial part of reducing the power consumption in devices where battery life is very important.

Our solution is patent pending and based on the unique properties of our sensor element. We take advantage of the fact that we can use the element standalone without encapsulation, a feature that makes our sensor one of a kind on the market today. By combining this with an inhouse developed special presence FW/driver that takes the raw, non-calibrated, IR signal and detect presence and absence makes the solution very efficient both from a cost and size perspective. 

What kind of applications and market segments do you think would be interested in this solution? 

In general, we target high volume applications where low cost and small size solution are imperative for the success of the final product. We can see a strong market trend and a high demand for these kind of applications, especially for laptops like in Intel's Athena project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uoKMs5xqec), but also for other handheld devices like in the new Google Pixel phone, digital key locks and other IoT products. Generally, all products that benefit from having a fast and responsive presence detection to reduce power consumption.

In addition to this, we also see an increasing demand for presence detection sensors in the automotive industry due to the potential new regulation that will make "child presence detection" mandatory for all new vehicles in Europe and the U.S. 

Do you already have ongoing projects with this solution and if so when can we expect the first product launch with JonDeTech's presence detection?

Yes, we have several ongoing projects using this solution but unfortunately, I can't at this moment share any details about the customer and target product.

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